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Dress for Success: Panel Mulls Best Early Stage Deal Chances
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Molecular Imaging Driving Development
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Finding the Right Balance
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SciFluor Life Sciences Presents New Preclinical Data Highlighting Lead Program as a More Potent and Selective Treatment for Partial-Onset Seizure
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SciFluor Life Sciences is a drug discovery company applying expertise in fluorine chemistry to create a portfolio of differentiated best-in-class therapeutics.

The company is creating a portfolio of new chemical entities (NCEs)  
Fluoropeutics™  directed towards precedented biological targets. SciFluor strategically incorporates fluorine or fluorine-containing groups to design drugs with improved pharmacological profiles that provide important benefits over existing therapies such as improved safety, efficacy, more convenient dosing and better patient compliance. This capital-efficient and de-risked drug discovery approach has resulted in the generation of a proprietary pipeline of novel and differentiated small molecule drugs across a range of therapeutic categories and disease areas including CNS disorders, fungal and bacterial infections and inflammatory disease. 

SciFluor is also applying its capabilities to develop novel 18F radiotracers suitable for PET imaging. These tracers serve as imaging biomarkers that better inform decision-making throughout the drug development process. SciFluor is actively seeking industry partners to drive the development and commercialization of innovative new medicines that address unmet medical needs.

SciFluor was established in 2011 in part by the Harvard University Biomedical Accelerator Fund and a Series A investment from Allied Minds.